February 3, 2009

Channa Sambar


We were returning  from  Chicago  to Maryland. The flight was delayed for more than 2 hours.We never expected this delay. It was November night.The cold weather and the tiresome journey  frustrated us.

When we reached home ,we were very hungry .there was nothing left in the fridge except some cooked black channa.

Immediately I cooked some rice and made this channa sambar.

With in 10minutes we were able to fill our hungry stomach with this delicious recipe and we all got rejuvenated.

Channa Sambar


Black channa cooked---1cup

Tamarind paste----1tb.sp

Salt-----As per taste

Sambar powder----2tb.sp

Turmeric powder---1/4tea.sp


For seasoning:

Urad dhal--1tea.sp

Mustard seed--1/2tea.sp

Fenugreek---a pinch

Cilantro--2to3 twigs


Put all the ingredients  in a deep pan with 2cups of water.

Cook it for 10 minutes.

Fry mustard ,urad dhal and fenugreek with little oil spray.

When mustard splutters add it to the sambar.

Cut one or two twigs of cilantro and add to it.

Channa sambar is ready.

Easy to make and very tasty to eat with rice, dosa and chappathy.

No oil, and channa adds to our protein.


Substituting white chana or kidney beans for black channa,we can do the same recipe.


Soak the black channa or white channa or kidney beans for 10 to 12 hours in water.

Wash well and cook it in the cooker.

Again wash and drain.

Store in small sandwich bags and  keep it in the freezer.

Whenever you want you can use it.



  1. Hi Aunty,
    This kuzhambu looks mouthwatering! I am looking forward for more recipes here:)
    Your pictures are very nice and neat presentation!

  2. Hi Amma,

    Welcome to the Blogging community !
    Kuzhambu looks wonderful.

  3. hi aunty,
    awesome kuzhambu... I too make this the same way except that I grind some coconut and add to it.. the picture is very nice :)

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    welcome to the blogosphere. I look forward to lovely authentic recipes on your blog :)

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    Welcome to blogging world..This kuzhambu looks fantabulous..Keep posting more traditional ones aunty..

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    Welcome to the blogosphere :-) Congratulations. That is sweet saas-bahu jodi. Missing my m-i-l now. Channa sambar looks delicious. I make it the same way too. I'll be a regular now to your blog.

  7. ths looks interestin,.will give this a try,..:-)

  8. hi aunty,
    The sambar looks very tasty and healthy.Pics look awesome :)
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  10. Hi Aunty! Welcome... Nice kuzhambu and tempting pictures.. Ginger Juice is very unique too.. Looking forward to see more vegetarian recipes from you!

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  15. Hi Aunty

    Nice dish. Looking forward to more south Indian recipes

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    Welcome to bloggers world... Channa sambar looks delicious! Looking for more traditional recipes from you...

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