February 3, 2009

Cilantro Thogayal

We always want something new to taste with rice and normally pickles take their turn. The readymade pickles are really commercialised and so oily for preservation.My husband can't eat his rice with buttermilk or curd without some pickle.One day there was no pickle in the house. I saw some cilantro in the fridge loosing its glamour.I thought why not make a thogayal with it. After all Cilantro is good for health.
Why don't you try it, easy to make and nice to taste.

Cilantro Thogayal


Cilantro----1cup(washed leaves)


Tamarind paste--1/4 tea.sp

Salt ---As per taste

Urad dhal---2tab.sp

Red chilly---3 numbers

Asafoetida---1/4 tea.sp


Fry the urad dhal and the red chilly in a pan,no oil.

Powder it and keep aside.

Put the cilantro in a blender and grind for 2 minutes.

Add the coconut and tamarind to the cilantro and grind .

When all are mixed well add the ground powder, salt and asafoetida.

Mix every thing well.

Thogayal is ready.

Goes well with rice ,dosa etc.

Easy Tips:

Thokayal Podi:

Urad dhal----1cup

Red chilly-----About 15 (numbers) - adjust according to taste


Fry these ingriedients without oil.

Put in a blender and powder coarsely.

If you keep this podi ready, you can make thokayals easily.

In this case,you have to put tamarind,coconut and cilantro and this powder and grind.

Thokayal is ready.

If you want coconut thokayal,just put coconut,tamarind,salt and this thokayal podi and grind.Coconut thokayal is ready. 


  1. wow this is so much better that the store bought pickles.Good Click too :)

  2. This looks so delicious, aunty. Love your channa sambar too :)

  3. I love cilantro thogayal...i make it the same way but I don't use coconut.

  4. It is almost like a thick chutney.
    Looks yumm.
    Love the presentation.

  5. Spicy and yummy..My mom used to make these without adding water..And used to send me when i was in Hostel..I agree it tastes great with rice..

  6. Wow! Thogayal looks so inviting :) It makes a great combo with idly/dosa.

  7. Wow.. that looks inviting! Nice photo!

  8. this is a lovely blog. just the kinds I'm always on the look out for.
    The ciantro thogayal is a wonderful recipe. new to me. And good tips with the podi.great!
    Lovely pictures too!
    Thank you for sharing!

  9. hi aunty,

    This will be a great saviour when making dal or sambar seems a boring job :) Thanks for the lovely and easy recipe. Beeeeeeeeeeautiful pics too!

  10. Hi Aunty,
    delicious thogayal :)
    and I like the thogayal podi recipe... will use it :)

  11. Even my mom makes the same way! nice click!

  12. Wow,looks wonderful.spoonful of cilantro thogayal delicious.

  13. Dear Radha,

    I am always looking for pickle without oil and this is a lovely recipe, many thanks!

    Sambhar with kala chana sambhar is also tempting... I would not have thought to do that! :)

  14. wow! looks yummy n delicious!
    Microwave oven series is going on!
    join with us in the EFM-Microwave Oven Series!
    first visit to ur blog and it is so nice!
    do visit my blog when u find time!

  15. Hello Aunty, this thogayal sounds really fantastic, will try it soon. Thanks for the tips about thogayal podi sounds like a real time saver :-)

  16. lovely pickle! looks so yummy. Fantastic pics.

  17. Nice Recipe. & wonderful pictures!

  18. Lovely blog, welcome to the blogosphere.

  19. I have to remember to give this a try someday.

  20. Is Cilantro kotthamalli?The look says so.It would be nice if Tamil/Hindi equivalents are given.
    The blog is simple and elegant.Some colour background wold give it a lift

  21. can this recipe be stored!! if so for hw many days

  22. lovely snap and very good detail

  23. congratulations on ur new venture! :)

  24. Nice Recipe Aunty. Awesome click.

  25. Looks so nice...and the pic is beautiful...

  26. radhaji,

    a key aspect of your blog is the presentation of tradition in the traditional way! loved your stainless steel look,and the wholesomeness is evident through it all!
    one question i have for you radhaji: my mother used to make this thovaiyal with mint leaves too... would you know how that is different?
    prayers for you..be well.

  27. I am always on the lookout of new ways for chutneys and pickles. Thanks for posting this aunty!

  28. Hi Radha.........i had forgotten what they put in that powder and hey this stuff really looks good to go with curd rice..........the south Indian in me salutes you........

  29. nice pics. Never been to your blog earlier. I love the name of your blog. keep posting.

  30. Chutney looks great I peeked in Anu's blog and trailed back here nice blog...

  31. Wow. You should post this to tastespotting.com


  32. being a southindian manglorean i can totally relate to all ur recipes..following ur blog :)